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Last update: 8/03/2018

Members and Observers

The Convention being a treaty between States, the official representatives of the Convention’s Contracting States are the competent Ministries, i.e. Ministries responsible for precious metals (in particular the legislation). In some cases, Ministries have sub-delegated their powers to another official body (e.g. the national Standards Organisation).

As of 19 March 2018, there will be 20 Contracting States, which are Members of the Hallmarking Convention. For the complete list, see under “Members”.

Assay Offices, which are the only authorised bodies entitled to apply the Convention’s provisions, notably the Common Control Mark, enjoy a special status under the Convention and are represented in the Standing Committee. For the complete list, see under “Assay Offices”.

States, which have applied for membership and are in the process of ratifying the Convention. Applicants, enjoy an Observer Status under the Convention until they become full Members. For the complete list, see under “Observers”.